Trademark protection in Latvia, European Union and Internationally

We understand the significance of trademarks in establishing and protecting your brand identity. A well-protected trademark not only distinguishes your products or services from competitors but also builds customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Trademark Search and Clearance

We conduct comprehensive trademark searches to assess the availability and registrability of your desired trademark. Our Experts search and analyse trademark databases, domain names, company names and actual use of prior rights to identify potential conflicts and minimize risks.

Trademark Registration and Prosecution

Our skilled Trademark Attorneys provide end-to-end support in the trademark registration process at the national, European and international level. From analysing the territorial coverage, preparing the list of goods/services and filing trademark application to communicating with Trademark Examiners, we handle all aspects of prosecution to secure the strongest protection for your brand.

Trademark Maintenance and Portfolio Management

We handle all aspects of trademark renewal, ensuring your trademarks remain in force: monitoring renewal deadlines, sending timely reminders and managing the payment process on your behalf. Our company also offers bulk annuity payments for global IP service providers ensuring optimum budget planning conditions.

We help to develop and manage a robust trademark portfolio appropriate for your business needs. Our Experts analyse your brand assets, assess the scope of protection, and strategically file and maintain trademarks to maximize brand value. We provide ongoing monitoring services to identify and prevent potential infringements, safeguarding your brand's integrity.

Trademark Enforcement and Defense

In trademark infringement cases our Team provides legal representation to enforce and defend your trademark rights before the relevant authorities. We conduct thorough pre-litigation analysis to assess the merits of your case and develop a strategic plan. Our Team examines the relevant intellectual property rights, analyzes the strength of your claims, and identifies potential defenses or counterclaims.

Amendments, Assignments, Licenses

We assist our Clients with specific procedures after trademark registration: providing help in entering amendments into owner’s data, drafting and recordal of Licence and Assignment Agreements.

Consulting on Funding Possibilities for Latvian SME

EU funding opportunities for trademark registration can help businesses access financial support and incentives to protect their brands. In order to reduce costs for intellectual property protection, our Attorneys provide continuous assistance through the actual funding application process.

Protect your brand and establish a strong market presence with ALFA-PATENTS. Contact us today to explore how our trademark services can help you build brand equity, differentiate it from competitors and safeguard your most valuable asset - your brand identity.