Design Protection in Latvia, European Union and Internationally

We understand the critical role designs play in creating product's identity and engaging the consumer. A well-protected design not only enhances the aesthetic value of your creations but also safeguards your competitive advantage in the market.

Design Searches and Analysis

Our Team conducts preliminary design searches to assess the registrability of your designs. By analyzing existing design registrations and other available information, we help you to understand the potential for design protection and guide you in taking reasoned decisions about your design strategy.

Design Registration and Prosecution

We provide comprehensive support in registering and prosecuting your designs at the national, European and international level. Our Design Attorneys navigate the complexities of Design Law, ensuring your applications meet the requirements of design offices worldwide. From drafting and filing design applications to communicating with Design Examiners, we work diligently to secure robust protection for your innovative designs.

Design Maintenance and Portfolio Management

We handle all aspects of design renewal, ensuring your designs remain in force: monitoring renewal deadlines, sending timely reminders and managing the payment process on your behalf.

We assist businesses in developing and managing a strong design portfolio aligned with their needs and market strategies. Our Team evaluates designs, identifies protectable elements and strategically files design registrations. We offer ongoing portfolio management to ensure your designs remain relevant and effectively protect your market position.

Design Enforcement and Defense

Dizainparaugu pārkāpumu gadījumos mūsu komanda nodrošina juridisku pārstāvību, lai aizstāvētu jūsu tiesības uz dizainparaugu. Mēs veicam rūpīgu pirmstiesas analīzi, lai izvērtētu lietas apstākļus un izstrādātu stratēģisku rīcības plānu. Mūsu juristi pārbauda attiecīgās intelektuālā īpašuma tiesības, analizē jūsu prasību pamatotību un pirms vēršanās tiesā izmantos visas iespējas atrisināt strīdus ārpustiesas ceļā.

Amendments, Assignments, Licenses

We assist our Clients with specific procedures after design registration: providing help in entering amendments into owner’s data, drafting and recordal of License and Assignment Agreements.

Consulting on Funding Possibilities for Latvian SME

EU funding opportunities for trademark registration can help businesses access financial support and incentives to protect their brands. In order to reduce costs for intellectual property protection, our Attorneys provide continuous assistance through the actual funding application process.

Protect your innovative Designs and establish a competitive edge in the market with ALFA-PATENTS. Contact us today to explore how our design services can help you secure and maximize the value of your Design assets, differentiate it from competitors, and direct your business forward.