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We are a full service intellectual property (IP) company located in Latvia – in the region of the Baltic States. History and experience of ALFA-PATENTS dates back to 1993, making us one of the leading and earliest founded companies in Latvia in the IP field.

We have advised local and foreign Clients in relation to all aspects of intellectual property protection and enforcement for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on our global reach and ability to assist our Clients in prosecution of patent applications, trademark and design registration across numerous international jurisdictions. Through our extensive network of collaboration partners and affiliates, we provide assistance through the nuances of IP protection and enforcement worldwide, ensuring your IP assets are safeguarded wherever you do your business.



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Well established reputation of ALFA-PATENTS has been built on the skills and professionalism of our team. Agency ALFA-PATENTS employs patent, trademark and design Attorneys, Attorney’s at law, all of them having extensive experience in the field of intellectual property protection.

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Our experience in intellectual property law, strategy and enforcement gives us the knowledge and insights necessary to guide businesses through every stage of the IP lifecycle. From initial idea conception to licensing, enforcement, and ongoing portfolio management, we are able to be your trusted partner in all matters related to intellectual property.


We understand the significance of trademarks in establishing and protecting your brand identity. A well-protected trademark not only distinguishes your products or services from competitors but also builds customer loyalty and brand recognition.


Uzņēmumā ALFA-PATENTS mēs saprotam dizainparaugu lomu produkta identitātes veidošanā un pievilcības patērētāju acīs vairošanā. Labi aizsargāts dizains ne tikai uzlabo jūsu produktu estētisko vērtību, bet arī veicinās jūsu konkurētspēju tirgū


We recognize the immense value patents bring into businesses. Patents protect your innovative ideas, inventions and technological advancements, providing a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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