Patent Protection

We recognize the immense value patents bring into businesses. Patents protect your innovative ideas, inventions and technological advancements, providing a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Patent Registration

Our Team provides a comprehensive support in registering and prosecuting your Patent at the national level in the Republic of Latvia. Our Patent Attorneys navigate the specifics of the Patent Law, ensuring your applications meet the requirements of the Latvian Patent Office.

Validation of European Patents

We represent our Clients in validation of European Patents in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We are working in collaboration with professional translators having particular skills in a wide range of technical fields ranging from chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology to mechanics, material sciences, electronics and IT.

Obtaining of Supplementary Protection Certificates

Our experienced Patent Attorneys provide qualified support in drafting and filing of Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) applications, preparing responses to the Office actions, engaging with Examiners and obtaining of SPC and Paediatric Extensions.

Patent Maintenance

We handle all aspects of Patent annuities, ensuring your Patents remain in force: monitoring renewal deadlines, sending timely reminders and managing fee payments on your behalf. By staying proactive and organized we minimize the risk of unintentional patent abandonment and protect your valuable inventions. Our Company also offers bulk annuity payments for global IP service providers ensuring optimum budget planning conditions.

Patent Protection

In Patent infringement cases our Team provides legal representation to enforce and defend your patent rights before the relevant authorities. We conduct thorough pre-litigation analysis to assess the merits of your case and develop a strategic plan. Our Team examines the specific intellectual property rights, analyzes the strength of your claims, and identifies potential defenses or counterclaims. This analysis helps us to provide an accurate evaluation of the case and explore settlement options where appropriate.

Amendments, Recordal of Assignments, Licenses

We assist our Clients with specific procedures after patent registration: providing help in entering amendments into owner’s data, drafting and recordal of License and Assignment Agreements.

At ALFA-PATENTS we are pleased to direct all our efforts in maximizing the value of your inventions through adequate patent protection. Contact us today to explore how our patent services can help you secure a competitive advantage, drive innovation and capitalize on your intellectual property assets.