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Patents for Inventions
There is no substantial examination of patent applications in Latvia. Applications are checked for formal adherence to Law and for unity of invention. The application may be filed in Latvian, English, German, French or Russian. If the application is not in Latvian, it must be supplemented by a Latvian translation of Claims and Abstract. The official fee for filing the application is LVL 50.00*. For each claim over the first 10 an additional LVL 15.00 fee is required. The fee for European Patent applications extended to Latvia is LVL 25.00.

Patents for Industrial Designs
Again, no substantial examination is conducted. A description of the Industrial Design object, for which the application is being filed is required for registration.

The official fee is LVL 30.00. For each additional variant of the design (20 variants allowed) a fee of LVL 20.00 is required.

Trade Marks
Trade mark applications are not searched for novelty. The examination of the application for registrability is rather formal and may result in unexpected surprises for foreign applicants. However, the Examiner may make references to well-known marks, although not registered in Latvia, and reject the application for the reason that the mark applied for registration should be regarded as generic.

We can order for you a comprehensive annotated search for word marks from the Patent Office database, that will cover all registered marks, all filed applications and international marks extended to Latvia. The official fee for search is LVL 41.30. The official fee for filing a trade mark in one class is LVL 60.00. Each additional class requires a fee of LVL 20.00. At present the time period for registration of a trade mark from the date of filing is approximately 9 to 10 months, but it is hoped that it will soon be shortened to the official 6 months. The official fee for renewal of a trade mark for the next ten year period LVL 120.00.

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