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Welcome to Alfa-Patents. This site is designed to provide a profile of our agency and assist in solving your problems. Alfa-Patents is a well-known patent and trademark firm, one of the largest in Latvia. It specializes in the representation of foreign clients in Latvia. We have also acquired experience in assisting Latvian inventors in filing their PCT and EP applications. Our agency is proud to have initiated groundbreaking infringement cases in post-Soviet Latvia. Our well-established professional relationship with industrial property attorneys in the CIS countries has helped the clients to efficiently protect their trade marks in a rapidly developing new area of market economy.

Dr. iur. Abraham Fogel was the founder of the firm. He was known not only in Latvia but also in the whole former USSR, since his research interests has been devoted to patentability of chemical and pharmaceutical inventions, and he was the author of several books and many papers in this field. He was also known for his safeguarding of our clients trademark rights.

Dipl.Ing. Rita Medvida has valuable experience in patenting of mechanical and electrical inventions and PCT practice.

To assist our potential clients, who are interested in Latvian industrial property laws, we have made available full texts of the Latvian Patent Law, Trade Mark Law and Design Patents Law in English. You can also print out or download the Power, Authorization and Assignment forms from this site.

There are some peculiarities in the Latvian patent and trademark practice that are discussed in the information page.

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